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  Town Code
Link to Code Descriptions
Introduction Introduction
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 12 Boards, Commissions and Committees
Chapter 16 Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 25 Elections
Chapter 31 Emergency Government
Chapter 33 Emergency Management
Chapter 82 Officers and Employees
Chapter 95 Records
Chapter 114 Town Board
Chapter 150 Building Construction
Chapter 165 Culverts and Driveways
Chapter 183 Fees and Charges
Chapter 190 Fire Prevention
Chapter 195 Flood Mitigation Plan
Chapter 216 Intoxicating Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverages
Chapter 232 Land Use Plan
Chapter 250 Nuisance
Chapter 256 Official Map
Chapter 285 Sexually Oriented Businesses
Chapter 296 Solid Waste
Chapter 322 Vehicles and Traffic
Link Zoning and Subdivisions

Chapters - Chapters are generally discrete pieces of legislation, but can also be made up of several individual pieces on a related topic. In that case, the individual pieces are arranged into articles or parts within the chapter. The article or part titles can be found in the chapter scheme or by subject in the index. If you are familiar with a former number or title, look for it chronologically in the disposition list.

Reserved Chapters - In the numbering of chapters, space has been provided for the convenient insertion, alphabetically, of later enactments. Help in selecting an appropriate number for a new chapter is available from the editor. See also the “Instructions for Amending the Code” in the Preface.

Section Numbering - A chapter-related section-numbering system is employed. Each section of every item of legislation is assigned a number, which indicates both the number of the chapter in which the item of legislation is located and the location of the section within that chapter. Thus, the fourth section of Chapter 6 is § 6-4.

Scheme - The scheme is the list of section titles that precedes the text of each chapter. These titles are carefully written so that, taken together, they may be considered as a summary of the content of the chapter. Taken separately, each describes the content of a particular section. For ease and precision of reference, the scheme titles are repeated as section headings in the text.

Page Numbers - A unique page-numbering system has been used in which each chapter forms an autonomous unit. The first page of each chapter is the number of that chapter followed by a colon and the numeral “1.” Thus, Chapter 6 begins on page 6:1. By the use of this system, it is possible to add or to change pages in any chapter, or add new chapters, without affecting the sequence of subsequent pages.

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