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ATV/UTV is now allowed on Town of Port Washington TOWN ROADS. 

What Roads in the Town are NOT open for ATV travel:

  • All County Roads (county roads have letter designations such as County Rd KW, County Rd P etc.) are closed to ATV’s unless the County Road has a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less.

  • All State Highways

  • All Federal Highways

  • Town road Northwoods RD

  • Town road River RD


Why are County Roads NOT open to ATV travel:

Only the Oz County Board only has the authority to designate their own county roads as ATV/UTV routes


If Northwoods Rd is a Town road, why is it NOT open:

Northwoods RD is a shared boundary road with the Town of Saukville. State law says the more restrictive towns ordinances prevail on a shared road. And Saukville does not allow ATVs on the Saukville Town roads.


Do you need a drivers license to travel on the road in an ATV:

No, a WI Driver’s license is not required


Is there an age restriction for who can operate an ATV on the town roads:

All ATV/UTV operators under 16 years of age must be in direct verbal supervision of a parent or legal guardian when operating on a designated all-terrain vehicle route.


What is the speed limit for an ATV:

Posted speed limits apply to cars and ATV’s


Do I need a helmet when on my ATV:

No person under 18 years of age may operate or be a passenger on an ATV/UTV without wearing protective headgear of the type required under Wis. Stats. 347.485(1)(a) and with the chin strap properly fastened.


Can I operate an ATV at night on the Town Road:

Yes, however the hours are restricted between 11:00pm and 5:00am to no ATV traffic


What other restrictions are there:

  • The ATV must be registered

  • The ATV must have a headlight and tail light on

  • The ATV must operate on the extreme right side of the road

  • If multiple ATV’s they must ride single file




Lakeshore ATV-UTV Club Proposal

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