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Municipal Clerk

Heather Krueger

3715 Highland Drive

Port Washington, WI

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Clerk hours: Monday and Wednesday 9:00 – 4:00, or by appointment.


This is an appointed position. Heather was hired in March of 2017.  This position is responsible for managing and organizing operations of the Clerk's office which are established by State Statute and/or the Town Code. Operations include administration of elections, custodian of official Town records and administration of public records law, clerk of the Town meeting, clerk of the Town Plan Commission, clerk of the Board & Zoning Board of Appeals, handling of all legal notices required by Town Ordinance or State Statute, issuance of licenses and permits on behalf of the Town, and assisting in the codification of ordinances and resolutions. This position is responsible for a variety of other duties including responding to all phone, in person and written requests and correspondence, research, website maintenance, assisting in budget preparation, responsible for all accounts payable and related invoicing, keeps all town records, files all tax and state and federal mandated reports, among other responsibilities.

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