Public Participation in the Updating of our Comprehensive Plan

"The Comprehensive Plan is a guide to the future physical and economic development of the Town of Port Washington. While the plan is not a local land use regulation in and of itself, it provides a basis for local land use regulations and decisions and a vision for community decisions over the next 20 years. 

Under Wisconsin law, the Town is required to review its Comprehensive Plan every ten years and re-adopt the plan as is or make revisions or updates as appropriate. The Town is just beginning this process of reviewing its Comprehensive Plan. The review will include updating any information that is outdated and reviewing the goals and objectives contained in the plan.


The Town plans to have discussion of the Comprehensive Plan as a standing agenda item on its Plan Commission meeting agendas over the next several months and will provide opportunities for public comment at regular Plan Commission meetings. In addition, the Town plans to hold one or more public workshops and a public hearing on the plan. The adopted Public Participation Plan includes a preliminary schedule for this process.


Check this page for the latest updates on the review process, drafts of updates to chapters of the plan, and notices regarding meetings."