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Notice of Public Records Accessibility

(State Statute 19.34(1) Procedural Information)


Except as otherwise provided by Statute, any person has a right to inspect a record and to make or a receive a copy of such record as provided in Wisconsin Statutes 19.34


Custodian of the public records for the Town of Port Washington is the Town Clerk

Public Records may be requested, inspected and copies obtained during the regular business hours of the Town of Port Washington, Office of the Clerk on Mondays from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Town Hall Office is located at 3715 Highland Drive, Port Washington WI 53074, Office Phone 262-284-5235.

The cost of photocopying a requested record shall be twenty five cents ($0.25) per page. Said cost has been calculated not to exceed the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction. In addition to the copying cost, the Town reserves the right to charge the applicant for the time required to obtain the requested record, if it is determined that the cost to obtain such record is $50.00 or greater. The Town can require pre-payment of the fees only if the fee exceeds $5.00. The Official Custodian of the requested record may provide copies of said record without charge, or at a reduced charge, if it is determined that a waiver of the fee or a reduction of the fee is in the public interest. No copies shall be mailed to any applicant unless prior arrangements are made with the Town Clerk for payment of postage.

A Request For Access to Public Records form will be provided, upon request, to aid you in describing the requested record. Public Record requests shall be submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office for review and distribution.

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